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Muto/Hurd🌷 @MutoShack

should sell T-shirts to raise money. I'd buy like three. 👕

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@MutoShack Have you been able to run Hurd lately?


Only in a VM. I don't have Ethernet so I can't really install it 👍


In a VM? Sure, yeah! I can get Guile & Emacs from apt-get. Xorg works alright but I use my VM in ncurses mode which lets me keep my system keyboard layout.

Since I don't do any advanced stuff with the kernel (or in general), I find that it's almost exactly the same as with the Linux kernel.

@MutoShack which installer did you use to install?


On my laptop I tried the "mini" ISO image from Debian GNU/Hurd, which can boot from a USB stick, but since the installer only detects Ethernet, I could proceed.

I also tried the "Full" install, which (I think) can only be used with a DVD, but the Hurd could not detect my optical drive so that didn't work either.

For my desktop, I just use the VM, which I installed via QEMU. I think this is the guide I followed: