I can't figure out how to run any of the example programs in & it's making me feel dumb.

Examples are supposed to feel simple, cheesy & rewarding. 🧀


Guile maes me feel dumb all the time

It's frustrating, really

Which examples prrograms are you referring to, anyway ?



Well, if I install the 'guile-sdl' package with Guix, then download the source package of guile-sdl & try running:
(load "image.scm")

I get something across the lines of:
'Unbound variable: datafile'
along with a black box.

datafile is defined in the 'common' file, but (load "common") doesn't work for me.

The slideshow application from the manual works just fine though.


going to bed now

tomorrow I'll try to take a look at guile-sdl


ok, so, here we are

I installed both guile and guile-sdl in my profile

(guix package -i guile guile-sdl)

Then launched guile and loaded a sdl provided package

scheme@(guile-user)> ,use (sdl mixer)

it works


when using libraries, as far as I understand, you're not suupposed to load files directly

You are supposed to load namespaces and then use procedures provided by those namespaces


you might be interested in this one too (I'm not sure qat the difference between sdl and sdl2 is)


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