That last code change actually fixed things and I'm happy.

Also it's Saturday so I'm trying not to do much work, so I opened my 3DS and played some of the old Animal Crossing. It's fun.

Also I'm *not* going to feel bad about goofing off. It's Saturday after all.

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I was never on twitter, so I don't grok the culture, which seems quite bizarre to me.
"Follow for Follow" is stupid. It is racking up a 'high score' to please capitalist overlords who crave personal data on reds ,so they can control them with ads and information.
Better your should cultivate *real* relationships with your comrades and not accumulate faceless numbers.
Statistics don't lead revolutions. Real people and relationships conquer.

The all too ubiquitous PR stunt. "If you purchase $100 worth of merch, we'll donate %5 of it to help fund research against COVID-19".

OR, and hear me out here, I can just donate $20 to some lab, and that way I'd be saving money, giving more to people who could use it, AND I wouldn't end up with a hundred bucks worth of merch in a box in my basement.

We need better marketing teams.

I changed my mind about and you can read all my rock-solid arguments on my blog.

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Things to do:
- Learn a new programming language
- Practice chopsticks
- Learn new knots
- Go over Cyrillic AGAIN
- gardening and composting
- Follow more Germans
- Finish weird usb flashlight proj
- Bake more bread
- Leer más español y francés

Encore deux semaines avant le début des travaux...

Oh. And that Yamaha PSR-150. I bought it with a Casio for 20$ total. I repaired both. I gave one to the kids. The other just taunts me to learn...

I may need another virus. Covid19 may not be enough!

When you see the number 112, you read it as:

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If anyone wants to look at the code, it's here:

If you want to run the (very rudimentary) user interface, you can start it using: ./gradlew run

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Long. Email etiquette. 

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@MutoShack Curiously enough, the the European layout on the number keys is reflected in ASCII, apart from the slash.

Number keys shifted: !"#$%&/()
ASCII 0x20--0x29: !"#$%&'()

Makes it easy for Europeans to remember how to escape () as %28%29 when we have to escape a URL to please some picky URL parser. 😀
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those extended file attribute thingies of the Hurd sound rather cool. would be nice not having to think of places to put metadata.

is making a new keyboard, with better switches and programmable keys...

But it doesn't look like they changed the feet, which easily broke off on the old model.

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