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My Gnu Year is to finally buck up & learn so I can make a video game because all my friends IRL want me to.

That and write a book on

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I’d just like to interject for a moment...

This is the second time the support team has gone above & beyond to help me out! I have never had a better experience with ANY other support team (offline or online) 👍

Want to have a good time? Go watch a foreign video on YouTube then turn on "Generate subtitles" to get some great Engrish.👌

Well I mean, that was months ago, but some of those challenges are haaard!!

From outside of the room I can hear:


Ah yes, someone's playing "Event Mode" in Super Smash Bros. again 👌

is cool and all, but...

Oh wait, that's right - there is no "but" 🤔

don't you love it when #JavaScript programmers reimplement text input fields badly? 🙃

#web #tumblr #frontend

For my #FF Follow Friday, I'm tagging, @omnipotens @HexDSL @hamishtpb @popey @cameron

Follow these chaps if you enjoy good :linux: #Linux :linuxrocks: banter.

I've come to the point where I can play an AAA title video game and think to myself:

"It would save a lot of CPU power to cut down on (so-and-so animation/effect)... In fact, The entire game could be built with no textures, no anti-aliasing, and just be built from polygons & basic cell-shading."

But then I tell myself how stupid I am, and that the game should be treated as a piece of art rather than a computer program, that way I have a lot more fun playing them.👌 🎮

Getting in the habit of using tor for all web browsing I can.

Cloudflare is, as expected, a f*!%ing annoyance tho

In-line remotes seriously decrease the lifespan of headphones. The ones that I have work fine but every now & then the sound cuts out of one ear, so I have to spin the volume control wheel a little bit to fix it.

Other than that they've worked very well for the past three years and I'm too cheap to replace them!

I may end up just cutting the remote off & re-soldering the strands back together. I just need a wire stripper & an iron...

I'm really behind in the news.

2.2.4 & 0.15 released 🙌 👌 🤯

A weekend project. 👍

Painted the home office/studio a weird green. We both agreed that "it /looks/ like it /should/ be an ugly colour, but somehow it's nice". "forest-y" is the vibe I'm getting. 🌲

Still need to touch up a few bits but so far I think it's

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Oh, I applied for more jobs, just standard cashier & barista type stuff. Any work is good work I guess (that is a very untrue statement, but the work I applied for is good enough)

is an arcade rhythm game popular in Korea apparently. I didn't even know they had a exclusive until recently!

I picked it up today. It's a very well crafted game! I usually prefer buttons when it comes to rhythm games but this isn't that uncomfortable tbh. I'm just glad they made use of the rear touchpad!

I’ve just implemented my first client feature using Slime and #CommonLisp hot code loads.

I am loving it :3

I know "Seamless casing" has been around for a while in modern cell phones, but let me complain just this once.

How come "You can no longer upgrade or replace specific components of your device" is considered a *selling point*?

Enterprise was just sold for $2.5 Billion (or so I've read). 😮