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update. Thumbnails are now actually thumbnails (thanks, ImageMagick).

Support for image titles and descriptions were added.

It's all very, very hacky. I'll redesign some functions later. I'm pooped right now.

Sheesh. Sometimes I wish people could make electronics with screws instead of glue.

I mean, a hairdryer is pretty much mandatory for an electronic repair shop.

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Actualy stupidity, first world problems 

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"Secrets That Are Meant To Be Found", or human-decodable ciphers, are pretty fun to think about.

Sometimes I just want to make big worldwide scavenger hunts, but I don't know how to end things and you'd just get like, a t-shirt if you won.

Allergies, food 

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New #emacs #blog post: "State of Emacs Lisp on Guile":

#Guile is a #Scheme that gets a disproportionate amount of attention when mentioned with Emacs in a sentence. I'm sick of the occasional r/emacs or emacs-devel thread with little facts and much speculation, so here's some original research of what you can and can not do with Guile's Emacs Lisp implementation.

If Burger King doesn't have a secret sauce called "Whopping Cream" I'll be so disappointed.

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I don't talk with people cause I don't know how to stop talking with people.

An is a Japanese animation, but how exactly does it differ from western cartoons? I'll be blunt and assume "Anime is a subclass of Cartoon", so with that out of the way:

An anime is...

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When you have your own website, you don't have to worry about being banned for crappy, useless content.

On a /completely unrelated/ note, I wrote about (using )

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Hey #guixters !

I am facing annoying issue with software installed with #Guix on foreign distro (#Ubuntu 20.04 here)

Does anyone knows how to fix this ? (screenshots of #Emacs and #Meld)

#gnu #font #icon #gnome

Bible stuff. I may have posted it before. 

I never even watched the film, but I'm sure it's a good enough reference.

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I just realized I passed the half-way checkpoint to becoming the 40 Year Old Virgin.

I have good long-term goals.

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