If Steam is running in the background, my computer will not fall asleep and my display will not turn off.

Muto doesn't like that...

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📢 Just in case you missed it, all items in the store are 10% OFF until August 2nd, using the code BACKTOSCHOOL 🛒


#GNU #Guix #guile #football #soccer

Listening to music 

I honestly can't get enough of "Oh! You Pretty Things"


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Berkeley Systems “After Dark” screensavers recreated in CSS | Hacker News

fun! :-) too cool for school! Nostalgically amazing.


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Maybe the progress is actually all for nothing cause I'm reinventing the wheel, but its comfy!

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Actually getting some progress here and am happy about it :3

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I should give @dthompson's game engines a try again on maybe a weekend project

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The Random Rabbit Song is a fun little program written in BASIC for the TI-99/4A youtube.com/watch?v=9XJCg9gWfI

The word "borked" is honestly such a blessing and I use it way too often.

When I get a PDF manual, it's fine, especially for math-heavy content, but I can't access it in an instance from a new terminal window, and reading it via the commandline is hit-or-miss with lesspipe.

In HTML, unless it's all on one webpage (which would be heavy and take some time to load, considering how large it is), I need to look through the index file to see if there's a link to a section I'm actually interested in (and chapter titles aren't always the most informative of things).

So yeah, I really really like info, especially when it's done right.

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It gets a lot of flack, it's controversial, sure...

But being able to type "info program topic" is handy, and if 'topic' doesn't exist, I can just C-s for 'topic' and it will search through every section.

So I like it. It's cozy.

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Good morning fedi and texinfo is a really good searchable document format

The phrase "gaming laptop" triggers my fight or flight response mode.

When text on a website is so big that you can't read it comfortably.

Designers are weird, huh


Well *maybe* they sprinkled a few other chords in there, but music is cool and surprising. I like music.

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"Wow that song intro is super pretty! Let's analyze it!"

> F major triad
> F major triad
> F major triad
> F major triad

"Well huh"

I just read an article about how 's compiler apparently makes some super smart optimizations and honestly it's pretty tempting now...

Rust and Haskell are sort of up there on my "Okay that looks like it could be cozy af" list

Writing some today. It's been pretty alright!

The program is small, and I could do it in Bash in like, an hour, but... I want to write more Pascal, shut up.

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