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Is it worth talking to the irssi guys about this? I always feel like it's just an "I'm dumb and can't use simple software" scenario, but it still feels wrong.

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I have gotten the "SSL verification error" in on ALL OF MY MACHINES, and everyone on the internet has a thousand solutions to it that don't work.

I'm gonna go the "convenience-over-security" route and suggest something wild...

Remove 'ssl_verify=yes' from the default config.

If a user is bent up on security and needs to not only use SSL, but to also verify the key, they can, but considering how confusing it is for most users, it should not be a default.

Had a little panic attack when I closed my Xterm window and realized I just closed a 10-tab session.

I'm *reeeally* glad Screen keeps your tabs alive in the background so you can reconnect to it!

When you load a file from C, if there are syntax errors in the file, the error isn't printed to the stdout.

Is there a way to fix that? The Scheme file is a user-written config file so it's *definitely* going to have errors in it, and I'd like to let users know what's wrong.

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This is one of the most useful books I have ever read:

"Internet Core Protocols" by Eric. A. Hall.

Oh it's not Julio Branson
It's Julio Biason.

It's funny how you can see someone online nearly everyday for *YEARS* and miss things like that...

I wish I could just make hot takes all day and rake in the boosts, but like, this is Fedi. Everyone already knows all that crap.

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"Command-line file manager"

haha thats a funny way to say 'ls'

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Also naming the bad guy organization "Falcon-O" because they're working on their evil operation inside a volcano.

Yes every name is a pun and I know it's not that original but no-one can stop me.

Naming my game's town "Helenback", as in "I'll follow you to Helenback".

It's good.

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My bedsheet has a huge hole on one side so I sleep on the other side but it's spreading and soon enough I'll have to spend money on a new one...

Or sleep on top of my blankets but I guess I shouldn't be *that* cheap.

I also don't like parkouring over the hole when I wake up.

So how does low level audio work?

To make a speaker beep for, say, 1 second, does the processor say "Make the same beep sound over and over again until the time is up"?

It's not something I'm into, but I've been curious.


An augmented minor chord is actually the inversion of a major chord 4 half tones down!

A minor is A, C, E
A minor Aug is A,C,F

But A,C,F is an F major chord! That's cool. That's really cool.

I had this dream last night where there were a bunch of birds with big muscle arms, and this guy was looking away from the birds, but whenever he looked at the birds the muscle arms turned back into regular wings

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