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I generally see my microblog posts to be pretty normal, but my mother asks me about the things I say on here in a very concerned way.
Hi mom. This list is pinned for you to help get rid of some confusion

* GNU is not a drug

* I cannot download drugs

* I am not suicidal, it is just part of the joke.

* I am grammatically incorrect, not mentally ill.

* I am not part of a gang.

* The flashing button that says "Fix my computer" is NOT to be pressed.

* I may not always show it, but I love you.

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I love Guix's idea of transaction management and rollback. I look forward to see how this particular Linux Distribution is going to evolve. They are off to a good start!

#Linux #Science #Technology #CS


Conspiracy (joke):

Every clothing company is actually a subsidiary of TJX and they pretend to be very high end to make you think you're getting a good price at Marshalls.

My brother is having trouble setting up his dance pad for StepMania, so I tried fixing it.

Windows is just a cute little blob of half-assed security. I actually enjoyed working through it!

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How many monitors are attached to your home computer?

Actually, cc @gemlog

it was good to see you on anonradio! I need to log on more often. There's always something interesting going on!

CIRA has a new marketing stunt that is... I admit... Kind of funny.

Pet peeve 

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An old image of a pathway in the Nature Sanctuary. I put some Steinberg dithering over it.
#Photography #Film #Dither

I like to think that I just misspelled my phone number on all those resumes and that's why I'm getting no calls.

Gosh darnit "Josh Woodward - The Shade From Our Trees" is so good.

The whole album, I mean.

Lots of trick or treaters this year!

Some kids tried to come back twice, and some tried to get candy without costumes, but I ain't havin' none of that!

All in all though, it was really fun!

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According to facebook, political ads may lie, bu tthe sexual use of the eggplant and the peach (very common in the gay community) are not tolerable

Guys, "Shop Opera" has some of the best music videos (and songs).

Like hot darn.

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Ok, so what is everyone's superpower:

Suoerman: I have super strength, the ability to fly, and x-ray vision
Aquaman: I am the son of Poseidon and can call any sea creatures at will.
Me: I soak dishes before washing them.

(Gasps all around the room. A hushed mutter exclaims "wow, what a badass")

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Running #Minix3, #HaikuOS and #Hurd right now on my laptop in VMs and with #i3 as my window manager.

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