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This is my first status update on 😃 I'll be geeking out about Lisp related rubbish & some IRL nonsense, so don't mind me, thank you.😕

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Simply by chance I found this place.

My entire life I have had a memory from this place, standing by these trees, but I always thought "It must be from a dream, or even a vision of an afterlife, but this cannot be a place on Earth"

I asked my dad & he assured me he took me here when I was 4. You have no idea how much this means to me - I've been searching my entire life in hopes of finding this place again. It's just as calming & meditational now as it was then.

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To reiterate common knowledge:

is the "How do you do, fellow kids?" of software marketing.

is the "It's free real-estate" of portable program development.

There's a lot of talks about Scheme planned for 2019.

I just want to say - you know you're popular when you don't even have to use your last name and everyone still knows who you are.

Red Berries.

Sony A7 ii again. Automatic settings. Edited slightly in . It's an older image I found while deleting trivial files on my drive. I kind of like it.

I have a hunch that 90% of r/CSS_IRL is photoshopped.

There's an airplane in Osaka with my package in it and it's been sitting there for two weeks.

I'm in no hurry, but if you happen to be in the area and you know how to fly a plane...

Not sure if it's a direct reference but...

The campfire scene during "Ruby Rider" in Steven universe is very reminiscent of the "Blue Shadows" scene from Three Amigos.

Just something I had to get off my chest.

This brick-laying guy is like the Bob Ross of... Bricks.⚒️

It's very satisfying to watch.

I saw this horrible video online.

Some journalist says YouTube censorship/banning should be illegal and that they *need* to be transparent about why they delete an account.

When you send me a video to host, it's my data. I'm not violating your copyright if I delete it or your account and I don't need to explain why I did it. It's my data. It's my computer.

It's YouTube's data, they can ban me if they want without getting thrown in jail. YouTube isn't a government, it's a private corporation.🤦

Hidden underneath the right Alt key on my keyboard there are tiny switches that allow me to change one of the space keys to backspace. I think this was mentioned in the manual but I forgot about it. Feels nice but it's something I'll have to get used to! 👍

I just realized.... Amnesia - a Machine for Pigs is probably metaphorical in plot, and not actually.... A giant machine that makes pigs...

I'd get that a lot sooner if it were a book, but it's not that far off compared to other video game plots.

It's warm out tonight, not hailing like last year. There isn't any snow, either! The Trick-or-Treaters should be happy 🙌

It's the 10'th anniversary of today (the best rhythm game in the industry, I'd say)

DJMAX posted a video about it on their YouTube channel and this guy was in it and I felt obligated to share his awesome hair with you all:

Whenever I feel like I'm bad at hardware design, I search "Playstation concept design" and I feel much better about myself.

Don't worry.

I'm only changing my avatar to 7-year-old me for Halloween. I'll be normal again soon.

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