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in this house we write org mode and convert to plain text

Okay, as much as I'd love to edit config files all night, I have to wake up early in the morning.

Goodnight, fedi!

It's a super simple thing, but I use my preferred MTA in Emacs' Rmail by binding 'g' to:

(defun rmail-mta ()
(shell-command "Checking mail...")
(shell-command "mpop --half-quiet")

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finally got around to implementing quadtrees. not particularly efficient when it comes to handling moving objects yet, but a good start.

Installed 'sdcv' and an offline English dictionary because opening a Web browser every time I come across a word I don't know *might* not be the most efficient thing to do, huh.

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fsf, snark 

So, has RMS pulled the FSF out of the tailspin of irrelevance yet?

(wrong answers only)

I twisted my ankle on an uneven sidewalk block while playing pokemon go.

If only the game had told me to be alert at all times & be aware of my surroundings!

I mean I get that it's not a super big site anymore, but I thought it would at least *work*

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> try to play a song on MySpace

> wait a hundred years for it to finish making external requests to 3rd parties

> song doesn't play

Job hunting 

Honestly, applying for work feels like entering a bunch of sweepstakes until I finally win one.

I prefer a UK writing / pronunciation style, so I told my voice assistant to use "UK English" but now it doesn't understand me unless I talk to it in a British accent

I hope everyone is excited for 3! I mean, I kinda am ngl

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