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Streaming in 15 minutes at

Alternate chat: ##jakob-livestream on

Watch without nonfree JavaScript:

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Got two rolls of pictures developed. They do this thing called "yellow tags", where if a developer or inspector thinks a picture is especially good, they fold a yellow piece of paper around it.

It's just to get people to buy large prints, sure, but it's still a cute idea. I like it.

I've only gotten 1 yellow tag before, but in this batch alone they gave me 5 *AND* a little note! I'm happy, & my head dangerously big right now. :)

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Do Americans actually wear their shoes inside? That can't be right. I mean Americans are crazy, but everything has its limits!

Happy to report the installation went well!

There are no cat ports upstairs, so I'm stranded offline, but that's okay. It's a good excuse to practice vi.

Here's the machine. Look at the lights under the power button. That's just- That's the coolest thing ever!

I'll put these, along with some shots of the guts, on my pixelfed later today.

This machine has 192M of RAM, and requires 4M, so I think I'm in the clear.

This box is absolutely beautiful though. I'll have to post some pictures later!

"Welcome to ! Do you want to make your website spin in circles and also give your background an animated gradient? We can do that!"

"Actually can I just put two divs next to each other?"

"... Well... The Web wasn't made for complex stuff like that, but there are some tedious workarounds you can try."

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It's so much easier to fall asleep when I'm working. I guess my brain has rewired itself to think "hands on keyboard, eyes on text" is my default resting position, and "eyes closed, laying down" is the proper time to pump me full of energy.

Clouds all morning, clouds all evening.

Now that I'm finally in the mood to take pictures, the weather does this to me.

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hand-made my own cassette tape of an album i love~

original artwork by aaron porter

Long, uninformed. 

By 'sh' I mean pretty much any Unixy shell (Bash, ksh, fish, zsh, scsh, csh, whatever)

To be fair, I barely ever use CMD (which is what I'll call the Windows Command Prompt, cause I don't know of any other abbreviated name).

Like as a first impression, I thought it was weird how you can't launch a program by typing in the name of the program you want to launch (ie 'firefox')

I heard good things about PowerShell, but I never used it. Is it like, a better CMD? It would be nice if that was like, the default terminal.

I'm talking about something I have literally 0 experience in, so I'll stop anyway.

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It's possible that the command prompt is just as efficient as 'sh', and I simply don't know how to use it properly.

... Right? I mean, it can't possibly be as bad as I think it is. That would be ridiculous!

Creating a simple boot sector in to be run in .

It's always awesome to see elementary yet satisfying examples like this online:

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just compiled on my system on the first attempt with no issues.

I'm sure I'll wake up soon.

Microwaveable Mexican food shouldn't exist. This is an abomination!

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