okay alright once again time to dive out. bye, fedi! sorri i couldn't interact too much, but it's too easy to get sucked in!



aw man the link isn't working anymore? i was actually kinda proud of that one, too...

well heer's the OG gopher link:


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i've been spending *most* of my time playing bass. very proud of myself tbh.

some of my time has also been spent writing. writing a buttload of stuff cause i still procrastinate a lot, haha!

started making an effort to do short stories, and although i have no idea how to write, it's been fun!

most of it goes to gopher, but here's an http link to today's scribble:


well the day's over. i mean, not yet. i'll probably do 30 more minutes of "autumn leaves" before hitting the hay.

it's been good. :)

okokokok time to log out again. see you all in a nebulous amount of time!

Here i goooo.....

:blobcat: :meowmelt: :meowmelt2: :meowmelt3: :meowmelt4:

I also made a video ranting about how much I love because it's nice.

I *should* be playing bass, but there are so many ways to procrastinate...


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Oh yeah, it was the 10th anniversary of #Guile not long ago! I don't think I posted this picture yet. Had the mug for 4 years. Drank from it nearly every day since then, and it still hasn't faded. Good mug!

Alright but for real I'm just hopping on to say I'm taking a break from masto.

Forgot to mention it here.

My audition is in march and my easily-distracted brain spends too much time here, or thinking about what to say here.

Literally just gonna block my instance in my /etc/hosts to help me concentrate for the next month or so.

I don't know how many people read "ls -a" as L.S.A, but if you do, it's a perfectly good haiku.

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Running ls -a

Over and over again

Hoping things would change

Nitpicking at XML 

The fact that XML requires you to specify the tag you're closing instead of just being able to do, say, </>, is a crime.

Okay it's not a *crime* but I mean you have to close all your tags in order, anyway!

Website stuff 

tweaks. Trying to make inline code a bit more distinguishable.

Also this generator supports some primitive syntax highlighting, so I'll take it!


There's a libjpeg version that Ubuntu just doesn't like for some reason.

After every update (or every once in a while, at least), I'll get:

"libjpeg9 was installed and is no longer needed"

But like, bro, I *do* need libjpeg9. When I autoremove it, some of my stuff breaks!

This happens once in a blue moon, so I'm not in any hurry to dive into fixing it. I'm just like... I *want* my libjpeg.

Wait ok

A few weeks ago I made a post about how I had a dream where Lego brought back and I bought a bunch of sets.

My bro just showed me this. That very dream is an actual thing in the Bionicle fandom and I love it


This has actually not happened to me in a while since I sort of get how Guix works now...

... But that doesn't mean I've forgotten what it's like to be hurt by guix.

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That relatable feeling when you wake up at 3 AM just to see that 'guix pull' terminated with an error

yee haw

> change my unix username

cons: This will probably break everything

pros: This will give me an opportunity to test my system administration skills

"Oh, you're taking jazz! Who's your favorite jazz artist?"

Me, who has listened to nothing but George Benson for the past 3 months straight: "... I don't know"

I want to practice singing but my ears are popping

why can't my body just behave aaaaa

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