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The gift I got yesterday that I was really happy about was from my dad. A copy of Donald Knuth's TAOCP, which he pointed out was slightly opened. I was told to look inside.

Thank you, mom and dad. I love you.

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Thursday night last was my fortnightly visit to the farm gate with the recycle bins, and I have a lot of very nice photos to show for it: in fact too many to show in just one post.

I went up early to avoid having to do so in the dark and on arriving at the top ridge was met with a brilliant sun, partially hidden behind heavy clouds, creating a very interesting and rapidly changing scene.

#photos #sunsets #clouds #silhouettes

Hey you, yeah you! Give me links to cool ! Especially yours!

Although ngl pumpkin spice lattes are like, really good

Write PSL while drinking PSL for the max PSL experience

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Tired: Pumpkin spice latte

Wired: Portable Standard

"File Tree Walk" (ftw) looks like it's exactly what I need to clean up the code in a whole bunch.

Just gotta figure out how to use it. Also, in the meantime, I'll probably do a little conversion of (now known as ) from Chibi to just because I know it better...

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Ahhhh I want Guix 1.3 but it's not updating.

load-thunk-from-memory: Incompatible bytecode version.

Well huh. I might just have to re-install the darned thing

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Sooooo.... I made some sort of website! (It is in spanish tho)

Here's the link in case you wanna see it:



So I gotta find some netting for those poor peas, and I've been told that my tomatoes are way too close together, but yeah things /should/ be okay other than that?

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trying to transplant some stuff today. it was hard cause i put too many seeds in each seedling planter, but hopefully they survive!

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"Autumn Leaves" by Ryo Fukui

Been listening to this artist a lot more. Super nice. Thanks, merazi!

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Does anyone else miss the little clicks & clacks that spinning-disk hard drives would make?

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are you kirby? because I think I'm in dreamland

Had this song on my phone for /ever/ and it's still super good.

"The Soldier and the Oak Tree" by Elliot Park

Maybe isn't the most popular language. Maybe it's not the most intuitive or portable or widespread or cool language... Sure, maybe I don't know how to use it for anything more sophisticated than fizzbuzz...

... But gosh darnit, starting a repl always gives me such an "ah yes, this is comfy" feeling!

I actually don't like Web 1.0 very much.

I mean like 1994 onward

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fixed some serious bugs and now complicated models like the Sponza scene are working!


Someone has just /hacked/ into your account from a /hacking/ device

and the hacker is... inside your house!"

It was just me logging in from my laptop but thanks anyway, sherlock.

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