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Legitimately thinking about ordering a hundred or so blank audio cassettes with custom J-cards, filling them with songs from the best Musicians here, and selling them as the .

I'd be lucky to break even, but it'd still be fun.

Critical Path by R. Buckminster Fuller is pretty okay so far.

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I received an email from Google Maps

"A summary of your trips in 2019"

It's astonishing

There' s all, from small details like trips to the movies and meeting with people, trips to the beach, the trips to the sessions with my therapist

to medium trips like rides in Apulia with a friend last summer

to more subsantial travels: to Frankfurt, Athens, Palermo, Reggio Calabria

it's breathtaking


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I studied Philosophy and German literature. I live in Germany. I am interested in and . Also I look for connection to interesting and nice people I can learn from in . I love .

"Torch Committee" by Josh Ritter and "Fishing" by Richard Shindell are very good songs that feel very close to one another.

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"Instant Data"
I believe this was my first avatar on the Fediverse (GNU Social).

I don't get the point of DVD/BluRay case sleeves. I mean, the disc is in the case, and the sleeve is... Protecting the case? It just makes the disc harder to get at!

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Thus picture is out of focus.

It' s a pity really because the evening was magical

Rant, glorifying FS 

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It's weird that
Luxe is short for luxurious, and Distro is short for distribution.

I *still* instinctively write "distrobution" and "luxerious" based on the shorthand versions now & then.

Just finished fixing my email (for the last time, I hope). Time to wish my friends a merry late Christmas!

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contains me, eye contact 

I don't know why two-directional/auto-reverse cassette players are so ubiquitous, like it'd be *that* hard to just pop the tape out and flip it over.

I find it a lot easier to upload to my phlog. I always link my website on my resumes so I feel like I need to write something that's going to impress managers, and because of that pressure my articles don't always turn out that great.

I mean, my phlog files aren't great, but I find that I'm way more relaxed when I'm writing them.

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Real cats may rule the Fediverse,

...but my eight-year-old grand niece (for whom I designed this #3DPrinting copy of a plush toy) says, "It's a little creepy, actually!"


It does keep its claws hidden, though.

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Ending the decade with a mixtape of my current favourite songs (new and old), so that in 2030 I can look at it and say "I had horrible taste!"
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