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Happy weed day, marijuana needs to be decriminalized and those in jail on drug charges, which are disproportionately black people, need to be released and their records cleared.

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today i think i will not smoke a cigarette

"there's a lot i need to get done today so i need to stay focused"

2 minutes later: *takes acid tab*


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> buy cat a new hammock
> he prefers the box it came in

walking up to web developers and poking them in the eyes, then making them browse their own websites that have 0 accessibility

James Evans created the Aboriginal Canadian Syllabic.

"He made letter moulds from oak, type metal from the lead of bullets and tea-chest linings, and ink from chimney soot"

That's just... really cool. I like this guy

i'm gonna say it

slackware has one of the cutest website designs ever

i can't believe "share this article" buttons are still a thing in 2022

(there were a few more hoops to jump through, but I thought the initial phone call was funny)

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I applied for income support, and they were literally just like "Ok so uh, do you have anything expensive you could sell? No? Okay here you go"

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