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Since I've been struggling to understand them for quite some time now, I've written an article about Guile-OpenGL. The bindings aren't particularly challenging to figure out, but there are so few articles about them and I haven't uploaded in ages.

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This is my first status update on 😃 I'll be geeking out about Lisp related rubbish & some IRL nonsense, so don't mind me, thank you.😕

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Simply by chance I found this place.

My entire life I have had a memory from this place, standing by these trees, but I always thought "It must be from a dream, or even a vision of an afterlife, but this cannot be a place on Earth"

I asked my dad & he assured me he took me here when I was 4. You have no idea how much this means to me - I've been searching my entire life in hopes of finding this place again. It's just as calming & meditational now as it was then.

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Guys I have a confession to make...

...I don't have a PGP key. Like, all my machines have different keys on them and I have files (trivial files, thankfully) that were locked with old keys that have been overwritten. I'm a total mess.

Tomorrow morning that all changes, though.

Whenever I press "close" on the Mastalab app, it saves a draft of whatever toot it was I canceled.

My draft box has hundreds of rejected shitposts in it.

I can send an email to a mailing list, but I don't receive responses. I can read the replies in the list archive, but, when I reply to them, *my* response *doesn't* appear in the archive.

And I mean, I don't want to send *another* email, cause what if they actually got it?

I also apparently don't know how to sleep. Good night, Fediverse.

I've been studying SDL almost nonstop, trying to learn it in time for the Lisp gamejam in a couple months.

The problem is I want to write everything, including the game logic itself, during the 10 day span, and I can't for the love of Christ figure out how to make two instances of the same sprite move at once.

call/cc is weird. That's all I'm trying to say.

It's been fun.

God, honestly, fuck Discord

"Ooooh, there's no open source solution that's as good as Discord"

NO SHIT. They're doing the absolute best they can to keep it that way, too, aren't they.

I'm off to bed, but before I forget I want to say...

It's sad to see headlights moving at 2 AM. I mean, there are very few happy reasons to drive somewhere in the middle of the night.

I'm definitely not asexual, but whenever I imagine myself in a romantic relationship, I always end up rejecting or breaking up with the made up character.

I guess I've just never been in love, so I literally can't imagine what it's like.

I believe someone posted this image before, a long time ago, but I wanted to make the image description joke. I just couldn't find it for the longest time.

This sad comment in the 's local.css is the reason I study web styling.

It's pretty crazy that we survived for a whole year without Barlow.

Kind of funny how Walmart has an anti-Walmart slogan.

When I left #GuixSD the #Gnome session was broken

Now, Ludo has announced that he made GDM work on Guix

This might be not enough for a proper Gnome session to work

and it's a bit late for me

but this is still quite good news indeed

@veer66 There are several distributions based on , Debian/Hurd is just the most developed one. Ideally, it should be , of course.

Been studying up on recently, but I took a break on the weekend to modify the in my website (currently not being hosted anymore. I'm going to the bank as soon as it gets warmer out).

Thanks to David's 'guile-syntax-highlight' program, the code snippets are now highlighted! Also the entire site is generated by Haunt, rather than just the blog posts.

I'm beginning to hate CSS.

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