@juliobiason Probably because there are different (and incompatible) use cases behind the mpmc idea.
When a message is produced, should it be dispatched to all consumers (publication-subscription on a topic), or just to the first idle consumer (load-balancing) ?

@MutoShack Sometimes, the environment in which you must test the software cannot be accessed from home. Notably when the software is embedded in a system.

@mkf but no tag 0.13.0 on that repository, so linux distributions won't take it.

@mkf For pilot-link, though I can't find the version 0.13.0. The website of pilot-link is down (name resolution failed). I've seen there is a deb package distributed on the jpilot website, but without a source archive, I can't really flag the package out-of-date.

@mkf For ArchLinux, the packages being in AUR, it's up to the users to flag them out-of-date. Also, AUR is not maintained by the distribution, but by other users, so they may just not have noticed a newer version came out.
I'll flag the packages on AUR since I can do that, but I can't assure they will be updated quickly.

@tfb extending the flex office capacity of the building by using the parking

@juliobiason That's the problem with C++, its standard library is rather small, and there are no standardized serialisation libraries.
If you don't know which library to use for parsing JSON, I can suggest jsoncpp, it's rather easy to use.

@juliobiason Boost in a nutshell.

(Well, not that true, some of the libraries also have source files).

@MutoShack Which one should I use ? Fountain pen ? Ball pen ? Felt pen ?

@loke If you have a way to select function bodies based on the value of arguments, you don't need a conditionnal construction. I don't know if this applies to APL though.
Erlang does not have conditionnal, but you can define functions where arguments are partially evalutated, so you can define factorial(0), factorial(1) and factorial(n) with separate bodies. You can simulate a if with a fonction where a boolean argument selects the body to use (you can also use guards to select a function body).

re: Gaming 

@MutoShack I played it when it was released. Very good game.

@MutoShack Reminds me an image of a Wii with a wiimote in the shape of a sextoy.

I can already see:

A stranger stops in front of you. They pick their backpack and open it. They take the Steamdeck out of it and shove it in your face.


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@juliobiason Only when you measure productivity by the number of line of code written.

@MutoShack Especially the spaghetti code, as it can be used as survival rations in emergency cases.

@juliobiason I don't think the Garage Game Builder supports network requests.

@erkin The documentation warns that the preprocessor is made for documents written in C-like languages in mind, so the preprocessor removing C/C++ comments when doing its work is not that surprising.

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