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@MutoShack I played it when it was released. Very good game.

@MutoShack Reminds me an image of a Wii with a wiimote in the shape of a sextoy.

I can already see:

A stranger stops in front of you. They pick their backpack and open it. They take the Steamdeck out of it and shove it in your face.


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@juliobiason Only when you measure productivity by the number of line of code written.

@MutoShack Especially the spaghetti code, as it can be used as survival rations in emergency cases.

@juliobiason I don't think the Garage Game Builder supports network requests.

@erkin The documentation warns that the preprocessor is made for documents written in C-like languages in mind, so the preprocessor removing C/C++ comments when doing its work is not that surprising.

Two years ago I started a thread on the Fediverse that finally become "Things I Learnt The Hard Way (in 30 Years of Software Development)":

I still writing things there sometimes.

@minoru There are many things I need to fix in my client... (because I made several hypotheses back then I wrote it that are not true in your example).

For the type property, allowing an array is a bit tricky to manage. How to choose the correct representation if several of the types indicated are supported ? Notably, if the types indicated are not related, in a way that several types could be considered as "the most specific".

@minoru I wanted to check your notes with an ActivityPub client I made months ago. I can't display them because I first need to retrieve the informations from the actor to get the outbox, but the JSON for the actor is malformed, and my client can't parse it. There is a comma before a closing curly brace at the end of the actor definition.

@minoru When looking at the channel topics for freenode, several channels are migrating (or have already migrated to) Some have not yet decided what to do.

@MutoShack It is not among those. But among those, I prefer the cold fluffy fox.

@MutoShack Konqueror is more or less abandoned since they have introduced Dolphin in KDE4. And there is Falkon nowadays for a web browser based on Qt/KDE (I use it and I'm rather happy with it).
Also, Konqueror is not completely functional as there are parts that still require the old KHTML engine to be displayed (like the favorite page), but you cannot choose the HTML engine on a per-page basis, only globally, and most of the time, you want to use the QtWebEngine, not the old KHTML.

@MutoShack on Pleroma, the button is labbeled "send".
What they could do is giving the administrators the ability to change that button label, but they probably won't.


This is a perfectly normal way to end a 65 line procedure, I don't see the problem

re: hardware, rant 

@amiloradovsky That's why they want web-assembly.

re: language 

@amiloradovsky In French, the ellision (which is rendered by an apostrophe) occurs to avoid a hiatus. It's more a merging of vowels of two consecutive words (the final vowel merging of a word ending with a vowel merging with the initial vowel of a word starting with a vowel).
While orally the ellision frequently occurs, it is not always written with an apostrophe. Only small grammatical words of one syllable are concerned in French by a replacement with an apostrophe.

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