@bortzmeyer @Gargron You need to put a link back to your mastodon account on your websites to get the green tick.


@rose Only works if your processor use a two's complement representation and your language is too laxist to check for integer overflowing.

@juliobiason As an exercise, I wrote the same code in Rust and Go. It's a simple computation function but with the constraint that the code can be called from C/C++ (from dlopen).
The Go version looks like a dirty hack compared to the Rust version (Go uses comments for compiler directives, and it requires the declaration of a useless main function).

@loke The theorem is the generalization of that drawing to any right rectangle (as ABCD is always a square by construction).

Do you want drama? Here's some.


TL;DR a popular JS library will display paid ads right in your terminal when you run your code.

eye contact 

On m'a dit qu'il était temps de se préparer pour Halloween, alors voilà...
Une toile d'araignée a été ajoutée dans la boutique.


RT appréciés


@rose where is .tpp ? I saw that used for implementation of templates (implementation of the templated methods provided outside the class declaration) which gets included in the header file anyway because how templates work in C++.

@tuxicoman À Voix Égales a aussi un très fort taux dans cette commune, alors qu'à l'échelon national, elle est au même niveau que le Parti Pirate.

@philipwhite I wonder. Maybe to keep the context, since indicating to which mail you are replying to may not be supported by some servers. You need an identifier in the original message to be able to do that, but it may not be present, so you cannot keep the context that way.

Mastodon is based on ActivityPub which is a mail-like asynchronous protocol, however, in that protocol, every object has an identifier, so you can indicate to which element you are replying to.

@philipwhite The differences are in fact not in the UI, but in the supporting technologies.
You can build chat-like interface on top of email protocol, but may not receive the messages in the right order, and may not know who is in the discussion in case of public mailing lists.
You can build email-like interface on top of chat protocols, but you will loose messages when you are disconnected.

@philipwhite Public chat rooms are similar to mailing lists, forum topic or newsgroup. Private chat rooms where you invite who is in the room is similar to how mail is usually used.
There is a big difference is in the underlying protocols. In synchronous comm, servers push updates to clients, while in asynchronous comm, clients fetch updates from servers. It means that in synchronous comm, the client need to be always connected to the server, while it's not needed in an asynchronous comm.

@juliobiason Reminds me the Basic on CPC 464. It only says "Syntax Error" when there is an error.

@juliobiason I'm unsure how to respond to that person. The problem here is that Python is too lax to authorize numeric operations on booleans. Conceptually, booleans are enumerated values, not numbers.

@phoe It's on the unicode roadmap, but probably waiting for copyrights to end in... 2044 (Tolkien died in 1973).

@MutoShack The answer is in the FAQ of the website. It's deliberate. Since it's called "Webpages That Suck", it should sucks too.

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