I must be getting sleepy because I accidentally invented a new C type called 'long void'.

Do you like and but wish you could have both? Well, look no further because now we have KNOME!

@juliobiason It's the asterisk button left to the local timeline button on the web ui (above the composition box).

@juliobiason How could the IDE know that ?
Shouldn't the class be named "Repository" and put in a "MyModel" package instead of being named MyModelRepository ?

Using the last word of a camel-case may not be what you want in every situation.

In the modeler I use, it generates by default the associations as "its<ClassName>", but it's possible to change this in the properties of the class.

re: COVID 

I tried to update social.surfnet.space. It's completely broken now...

I was planning to reset the server next month (and move away from Mastodon). This will happen today and in the next days instead.

distribution & concurrency 

objectification of distribution… 

objectification of distribution… 

objectification of distribution… 

@benjancewicz Would be better with the pronounciation, and not just the transcription (as the different languages don't use the same sound for a given letter)

@MutoShack The US release should always have a mad-looking, weapon-holding character on the cover.

@philipwhite I would say nothing, especially when you look at the client-to-server and server-to-server protocols (which doesn't contain timelines, only inbox and outbox). See for instance Epicyon, which is designed a bit like an email server ( blog.freedombone.net/epicyon-1 ).

You could write a forum-like or a mail-like service upon ActivityPub, it contains the abstractions for them.

@bortzmeyer @Gargron You need to put a link back to your mastodon account on your websites to get the green tick.

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