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@pureevil Yes, but qtcreator provides a good IDE for making those.

The KDE community wishes you all a very Konqi New Year!

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Si tu fais des échanges sans avoir d'ami en ligne, ce sont avec des personnes random. Je pense que si tu as des amis en ligne, tu dois pouvoir selectionner l'ami que tu souhaites pour faire des échanges.

@sebsauvage A moins d'avoir beaucoup de petites images, c'est en effet peu utile la plupart du temps. Cependant, j'ai récemment fait passer un png (de taille 3000x3000) de 3.2 Mo à 2.4 Mo, en supprimant le canal alpha, qui ne servait à rien sur cette image, afin de pouvoir l'uploader sur un site qui limite les images à 3 Mo.

@matclab @sebsauvage Le truc est représentable en ActivityPub d'ailleurs. ("Create" + "Add" pour publier et ajouter à une collection donnée, et "Follow" sur une collection et non sur une personne).
Mais je ne crains que Mastodon ne fournisse pas dans un futur proche ce genre de concept.

@tfb Infinite loops 🔁, but the recursive way.
Also, it probably won't work as you need to use "letrec" instead of "let" in this context.

@jb55 I checked a bit the context, and the BDFL has been against the use of native code in elm for a while apparently.

Foreign function interfaces are provided to work around the limits of the librairies available in the language. You don't use this feature because you want to, but because you have to.

Limiting who can use this capacity reduces the usefulness of a language (and breaks software already using this feature). By doing so, they say "don't use our language" to the community.

@phoe @blockchain maintains a list of noteworthy instances that admins may consider to block with the given reasons.

@TheAspiringHacker Unless that operator is extensively used in the targeted language, I would try to avoid them, as operators are hard to read in general. >>= does not mean anything for me.

@otini Probably nothing, since its always hard to track back to the original attackers, and disguising as someone else is pretty easy.

Russia is still a good scapegoat for western politician and in media propaganda. So that they can hide their errors and incompetencies.

@juliobiason On Jenkins, I can run all the test with a single click (or two if you need to set some parameters). However you could just setup Jenkins to run on each commit, or if it's long, every night instead.

Those students may have to take computing classes as part of their cursus without being interested in working as developers. Teaching coders must write and run tests, and not just deliver as soon as the software compile, is very important. Teaching how to set up a Jenkins server is not.

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