Wayland vs Xorg 

Excuse me my ignorance, but unlike can't be used to run GUI applications remotely over (-X, -Y), right? And that's the whole point of ? This might be an actually useful feature, for me anyway (Spice and passing physical devices thru is even more hassle).

Generally I'm not in favor of reimplementatios of anything, I think it's a waste of resources. But in this case I don't really care, as long as it doesn't drop a functionality, and seems like it does.


re: Wayland vs Xorg 

@amiloradovsky I think there are VNC implementations of wayland for remote display. Remote display is not in the wayland protocol for various reasons (remote desktop the Xorg way cause several problems with the usual way of rendering graphical applications), so this area is left to wayland servers if they want to implement remote desktop protocols.

re: Wayland vs Xorg 

@Feufochmar I'm not interested in VNC, even in SPICE. I just want the application to run on remote machine and have the access to all the h/w there, while rendering the GUI on my local screen.
If they don't want to standardize or implement this functionality, it's their choice, but then I'm not interested in their work, regardless of the reasons.
But, it seems like XWayland may be employed to effectively turn Wayland into Xorg, that makes it useful. (Then I only don't understand why they forked it, but anyway.)

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