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@MutoShack I've finally converted. Got an old PC for cheap, now running Ubuntu. could use a consult from you regarding writing a trading bot - do you do python?

Maybe, like me, you own PoS coins but are too poor to own enough to stake daily. Or perhaps, also like me, you are too lazy to figure out all the wallets for all your different staking coins! Fear not, for StakeUnited.com allows you to pool your stakes c: Here's my ref link: stakeunited.com/Kryptopoulos

$PTOY having a good, good day on exchange. Took my profits at 1753satoshi, how much higher will it go?

@MutoShack I'm saying hi like this because I don't understand how to DM on this platform yet. But huzzah for open source social medias, and thank you for pushing me to find my way here by quitting (ugh) discord

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